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Office 365 - Office Online


Microsoft Office Online allows for users to create, collaborate and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. Office Online files are stored and shared via OneDrive, accessible either online (using a browser) or as a desktop application. Although limited in ways (see differences for each application below), Office Online allows for functionality not available in the desktop applications, including:

  • Work on documents directly in browser (with diverse browser support)
  • Autosave functionality 
  • Easy file sharing and collaboration
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office desktop applications

Help Resources

Use the help resources listed below to learn how to successfully use Office Online applications:

Office Online

Office Online Accessibility

CU Boulder is committed to providing help information and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. Office Online accessibility considerations, information for content creators, alternatives/workarounds, and more can be found on the Office Online Accessibility page.