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Last Updated: 01/10/2019

Classroom Capture is a richly featured recording service for the modern university course. In contrast to traditional lecture recordings, Classroom Capture packages slides and faculty lecture with rich metadata and transcriptions for accessibility. Students and faculty are no longer limited to play, stop and skip. Search keywords take viewers directly to content playback time in the lecture.

This full featured teaching and learning tool changes what was once a flat, often cumbersome lecture playback into a multi layered, interactive viewing experience, offering students another way to succeed in courses.

Once scheduled, recordings are automatically made available online. Recordings are stored online for the duration of the semester they occur and taken offline at the end of the semester.

Faculty Benefits

  • Flexibility to reference previous lecture materials throughout the semester
  • Increase student satisfaction and appeal to multiple learning styles
  • Analytics on student engagement and points of interest in lectures

Student Benefits

  • Review lecture materials online at any time or any place
  • Use features such as playback speedup, slide search, or video window control
  • Watch missed classes when sick, out of town, or otherwise unable to attend in-person

How to get it

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Classroom Capture is already available in the spaces listed in the dropdown below or on the Classroom Capture Locations map. Faculty and staff can submit the Request form to use Classroom Capture in any of these spaces.

*Please Note: Classroom scheduling is done far in advance and is managed by the Office of the Registrar. For additional details, visit the Office of Registrar's website.

Classroom Capture Enabled Classrooms


Educational Based Events - Free

Classroom Capture is provided as a common good service for academic courses and educational-based events at no cost.

  • Automated, pre-scheduled, self-service lecture capture for educational-based content
  • Includes hosting the content for one semester.

Examples of educational based events include:

  • University course recordings
  • Visiting lectures
  • Exam review sessions

Other Events - $100/hr

Other non-educational based or special events will incur a fee.

  • Automated, pre-scheduled, self-service recordings for Special Events
  • Includes hosting the content for one semester and access to download and export recordings, after which time content will be taken offline.

Examples of special events include:

  • Faculty/staff meetings
  • Administrative events

Additional Coordination - $45/hr

  • Includes event coordination and other unique circumstances
  • Content Export: Exporting of archived content

Request Classroom Capture

Service Expansion Pilot - Fiscal Year 2018-2019

OIT is partnering with academic departments across campus to pilot an expansion of CU Boulder’s Classroom Capture service to allow the campus community to capture educational-based content that supports the academic mission of CU Boulder, not just content that is part of a specific academic course.

Measuring Success

OIT will collaborate with faculty to evaluate the pilot and determine success metrics. In April 2019, the pilot will be evaluated and either carry forward or end. If the pilot ends, it will occur June 30, 2019.

Participate in the pilot

To participate, submit the classroom capture request form, and a representative from OIT will contact you.

Additional details

  • The pilot will not fund external entities or auxiliaries (e.g. CU Boulder Conference Services); instead, the $100 per hour charge will be assessed. See “Other Events” below.
  • This service is available by request in rooms currently equipped with Classroom Capture equipment.


Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from any campus phone) or at

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