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CU Study Buddies


Campus recognized that the pandemic has exacerbated feelings of isolation and made it more difficult for students to connect with each other. The College of Arts and Sciences reached out to OIT to see if we could help design and implement a program to help connect students with classmates interested in studying together. CU Study Buddies was launched Fall 2021 to address this challenge. 

University of Colorado Boulder research shows that helping students find classmates to study with can help them increase their sense of belonging and be more successful in their courses. Studying with classmates is also a great way to meet new people, develop good learning habits, and better understand course content. 

This effort aligns with the IDEA Plan

  • “To prepare leaders drawn from all segments of society, we must create an environment in which everyone feels a sense of belonging...”
  • “...enhancing a sense of belonging among students, faculty, and staff by nourishing the growth of interpersonal connections and engagement with the institution.”


CU Study Buddies focuses on high-impact courses that correlate with retention and persistence at CU Boulder. Students in these courses are invited during the first week of class to sign up for small, self-organizing study groups that meet in-person (on campus) and/or virtually. Once they opt in, they receive an email that introduces them to two classmates in addition to helpful study resources and campus study locations.

Findings & More information

More information about findings and outcomes will be shared after the pilot is complete. Learn more about this initiative by visiting the CU Study Buddies website at the College of Arts and Sciences.

Project Participants

Team and Partners
  • Kathy Noonan, Director of Community Engagement, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Scarlett Pontón de Dutton, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Alicia Sepulveda, former Academic Coach, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mark Gammon, Learning Development and Design Manager, OIT
  • Doris Cheung, Learning Experience Designer, OIT
  • Jacie Moriyama, Student Services Portfolio Manager, ASSETT 
  • Danielle Hix, Graduate Student Intern, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mehanaz Oyshi, Graduate Student Intern, College of Arts and Sciences