MyCUHub - Course Alerts

Last Updated: 09/27/2019

What are Course Alerts?

Course Alerts in MyCUHub raise awareness about support resources available to students if they are struggling in certain courses. This spring, instructors for 114 courses have been asked to fill out a feedback form in MyCUHub on student performance in their classes.

The feedback form allows faculty to:

  • indicate students with excessive absences
  • identify students at risk of poor academic performance (below a C)
  • provide additional comments on why they think a student may be struggling in their course

The Course Alerts form was piloted during spring 2018 in collaboration with the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) team in OIT. Read more about the success of the pilot.

Submitting Course Alerts

  • To start, log in to the MyCUHub Early Alerts page.
  • Select the course and section you'd like to enter information for from the dropdown menus then click Show Enrollments.
  • You have the option to enter information manually, use a .csv file/spreadsheet, or indicate all students are doing well. Click to expand the following drop down menus to learn about each method.

    Manually Enter Course Alert Information

    CSV Input of Course Alert Information

    Indicate All Students Are Doing Well