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Service Maintenance Completed: Enterprise Database (multiple services impacted)

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Start Date & Time

End Date & Time


The production Enterprise Database (EDB) service will undergo maintenance between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Saturday, November 18. This will impact services that are dependent upon the Enterprise Database, including the Federated Identity Service and services that rely on it for logins such as MyCUInfo, Buff Portal, Canvas, and many more (see Impact and Affected Services below). The work being done during the maintenance will improve security, stability and functionality of the EDB. 


The Federated Identity Service will experience two outages of 5 to 15 minutes during the maintenance window. New authentication activity and logins will not be possible during these outages for services such as MyCUInfo, Buff Portal, Canvas, and many more. Other dependent services may also experience interruptions during the maintenance window (see Affected Services below). New courses and enrollments will be delayed until the end of the maintenance window. 

Affected Services

The following services are dependent upon the Enterprise Database and may experience brief interruptions during the maintenance:

  • Grouper (,
  • Federated Identity Service/Shibboleth ( and services that rely on it for authentication, including: 
    • Adobe
    • Buff Portal
    • Buff Portal Advising
    • Buff Pass
    • Canvas
    • Classroom Capture
    • CS Moodle
    • CU Salesforce
    • Digication
    • Docusign
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • MyCUInfo
    • Qualtrics (will not affect recipients ability to respond to surveys)
    • VoiceThread
    • WEPA Printing
    • Zoom
  • Book Store data retrieval (via MyCUInfo, Buff Portal)
  • Oracle Identity Manager backfill of data to the EDB will be queued up during the maintenance and processed when complete (e.g. user display name changes via will not immediately propagate to the EDB)
  • Registry Jobstream
  • IAM Integration Service
  • QuickAdmit Web Service
  • Sid2UserName Web Service
  • TokenExchange Web Service
  • Real Time Enrollments (RTE) Web Service
  • DEPA
  • Data Services Integrations APIs
  • Data Services Batch Integrations & Feeds
  • Email List Manager (Sympa) Course Roster Extracts
  • Learning Management Systems course creation and enrollments
  • Office 365 Provisioning & Licensing
  • Aurora
  • Salesforce/MyCUHub Provisioning
  • New Student & Family Programs Processes
  • Study Abroad Database View