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Two new OSes, one recommendation: Wait!

Submitted by stauffeg on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 4:45 PM

As is usually the case when new operating systems are first released, there are incompatibilities with a number of widely used applications. The newly released Windows 11 and MacOS 12 Monterey operating systems are no exception to this rule. For this reason, OIT recommends putting off upgrading devices to these new OSes until key incompatibilities are resolved.
OIT is testing the new operating systems and we will be tracking our findings on a Windows 11 Release Information page and a MacOS 12 Monterey Release Information page. OIT recommends that before upgrading to any new operating system, ensure your most used applications are compatible by checking our Release Information pages, or by contacting vendors directly.
Windows and Mac systems that are enrolled in Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) will temporarily be prevented from upgrading to their respective new OSes, as we work to resolve compatibility issues.
To stay up-to-date on recommended operating systems, please visit the Software Lifecycle page. If you have questions about Windows 11, Monterey or OIT’s recommendations, please contact the IT Service Center at or call 303-735-4357.