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Recent student email migrations

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As OIT is wrapping up the largest wave of email migrations from Gmail to Microsoft Exchange, some students are mistakenly trying to use Gmail after their migration to Exchange completes. This can create difficulties for summer term instructors and others who are emailing students who don’t realize their incoming email is going to Exchange instead of Gmail. 

Students can determine if their account has been recently migrated to Exchange by checking their Gmail inbox for a message with the subject line “Your email has been moved to Exchange Online.” Gmail access is preserved for approximately two weeks after migrations complete so that the account owner can make sure everything was properly migrated. Alternatively, students who have been migrated to Exchange can login to Outlook on the web with their and IdentiKey password, using a web browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Questions about email migration or the set-up of Outlook versions should be directed to the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357.