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Zoom meeting on a laptop.

New Zoom update requirements

Submitted by stauffeg on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 11:10 AM

Zoom has announced that beginning November 1, 2021, users will be required to update their Zoom software to ensure that it is never more than nine months behind the current version at any given time. From that point on, users will be prompted to update their software if their version falls behind this nine-month window. Zoom users who try to access Zoom services with an out-of-date version will be prompted to update to a more recent version in order to access the full functionality of Zoom.

This change is in line with industry practices and is designed to help ensure that Zoom users receive the latest Zoom features and privacy and security enhancements. To prepare for the new updating requirements, it is recommended that Zoom users update to the latest release prior to November 1. Here is how to upgrade Zoom to the latest version.

You can learn more about this change on the Zoom website.