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Microsoft’s Move Toward Pooled Storage

Submitted by krlu2891 on

In light of Microsoft's recent announcement about a move toward pooled storage, we want to address concerns and provide some clarity on the matter.

This development from Microsoft is not unexpected. "Unlimited" storage offerings are not sustainable in the long term for cloud service providers. Google's decision to remove unlimited storage was just the beginning of a larger industry shift, and Microsoft's latest announcement is another example of this trend. In 2020, the World Economic Forum estimated that unused storage, commonly referred to as “dark” data, takes up space on servers and results in increased electricity consumption, generating 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. CU Boulder is committed to sustainability and reducing, not contributing to, our carbon footprint.

In 2021, CU Boulder entered into a four-campus Microsoft agreement that extends through 2026. Our decision to enter this partnership was not solely based on storage offerings, but rather on Microsoft's comprehensive ecosystem of services that cater to our overall security and productivity needs.

The Microsoft suite of tools goes beyond just storage and includes essential services that enhance our daily operations and support our objectives. From collaborative communication through Teams to streamlined file management with OneDrive, Microsoft provides a cohesive environment that aligns with CU Boulder's vision for a connected campus.

Moreover, OIT already had plans in place for storage lifecycle management before Microsoft’s announcement. This recent development reinforces the importance of implementing this initiative to optimize data organization, accessibility, and security.

Rest assured, we will engage in ongoing conversations and negotiations with Microsoft throughout the duration of the agreement to ensure our campus needs, including file storage needs, are addressed and our interests are safeguarded.

Thank you for your cooperation and adaptability as we navigate these changes together.