MacOS Big Sur supported by OIT, but not yet recommended

Last Updated: 02/11/2021

Since its release this November, OIT has been testing Apple’s macOS 11 Big Sur operating system for compatibility with campus services. Due to a number of compatibility issues with key services, OIT recommends to delay upgrading; however, OIT does currently provide support for those who have already upgraded and for computers that were purchased with Big Sur preinstalled.

As with any major software upgrade, you should first confirm that regularly used applications are compatible before upgrading. Big Sur has some known issues with commonly used applications and also some peripherals such as printers, webcams, docking stations, etc. OIT’s Big Sur release information page lists compatibility issues for campus-supported services. To check compatibility for peripherals or non-supported services, please check with the service or peripheral vendor.

Of note for instructors, OIT has tested Big Sur version 11.2 and has identified audio and video functionality issues with our Large Lecture Hall AV systems. At this time we recommend avoiding using devices with this operating system as there may be complications with sound, in-room display, and Zoom functionality.

If you choose to upgrade, please note that it can be difficult to revert back if issues arise. We recommend that you always consult with your desktop support provider before upgrading an operating system.

If you are a customer of OIT’s Dedicated Desktop Support service and would like help or have questions about upgrading your operating system, please submit a request through the Dedicated Desktop Support Service Request Portal. All others are welcome to contact the IT Service Center ( or 303-735-4357) or schedule an appointment with OIT’s Buff Techs desktop support team for help to install Big Sur. If you need to revert to an earlier version of macOS the Buff Techs and Dedicated Desktop Support technicians can help.