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End-of-semester and web grading tips for Canvas

Submitted by stauffeg on

With the conclusion of the spring semester approaching, we thought it would be helpful to share our end-of-semester best practices.

Use the web grading sync tool: Did you know instructors can sync students’ final grades from Canvas directly into the registrar’s web grading system? Once web grading opens on May 1, let our Web Grading Sync step-by-step tutorial walk you through the process. You can also override grades directly in Canvas prior to syncing them.

Wrap up the spring semester with these tips: Finishing up a semester isn’t just about grading. These Canvas end-of-semester tips will help with backing up your course, creating the next semester’s course(s), releasing final grades, and more.

Create Future Courses: Create your Canvas courses now to give yourself time to prepare.

Get assistance: Attend a group training or schedule a consultation with a Learning Technology Consultant.

If you ever have questions about Canvas, you can check out the Canvas help pages or contact the IT Service Center at or 303-735-4357.