Breadcrumb TourArchived: Upgrade Versions of Acrobat Pro 11 and Older

Last Updated: 10/10/2018

If you use a version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 or older, it needs to be upgraded as soon as possible since Adobe has ceased providing updates for these older versions. Here is how to check your version of Acrobat. To upgrade, you have a number of options.

  • Acrobat Pro 2017: perpetual license, available through CU Marketplace; this will meet most university business needs; best value for price
  • Acrobat Pro DC: subscription-based, annual fee (more expensive), allows storage of docs online
  • Acrobat Reader DC: view, print, and annotate PDFs only; does not allow editing and conversion of PDFs; allows storage online
  • Microsoft Office Suite: if you only need to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDFs, you can use Microsoft Office Products which are included in the Office 365 suite

This chart can help you compare features of Acrobat Pro 2017 to those of Acrobat Pro DC, and Acrobat Standard versus Acrobat Pro.

Upgrading older versions of Acrobat Pro is crucial because there are security vulnerabilities in the software that are currently being exploited. Continuing to use this non-supported software opens up your computer to attacks that could take control of your computer and/or steal your data.

If you have questions about Adobe Acrobat Pro, or would like help to install the recommended software, please contact your Dedicated Desktop Support technician. If you have questions, but your department does not have Dedicated Desktop Support, please contact the IT Service Center at or call 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus phone).