Starting Dec. 6, voicemails deleted after 30 days

Last Updated: 12/08/2017

Starting Wednesday, December 6, voicemails older than thirty days will be automatically placed in your deleted messages folder. After fourteen days, voicemails will be permanently deleted from your deleted messages folder. Many users listen to voicemails, but forget to delete them. If this issue is not addressed, mailbox storage could reach capacity.   

The thirty day deletion applies to all messages, even if they haven’t been listened to.

How to check voicemail

From your Cisco phone, you can press the button that looks like a cassette player, enter your pin, and follow the instructions. Remember to press 3 to delete a message.

Those that are not on campus can access their voicemail by calling 303-735-6245, entering their 5-digit extension followed by # and entering their pin.

You can also manage your voicemail through the Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox. This portal also allows you to save your messages.

Need to save a voicemail that is less than 30 days old?

Single Inbox/SpeechView (SIB/SV) Users

Voicemail messages are sent to Single Inbox/SpeechView (SIB/SV) user’s Exchange email inbox with a speech-to-text transcription as well as a .wav audio file attachment. These users can forward the messages to themselves or store the message in a personal email folder to prevent the 30 day auto-deletion. If you are interested in signing up for Single Inbox/SpeechView (SIB/SV), complete this form.   

Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox (online portal)

The Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox lets you manage voice messages and any voice message receipts you receive. Within this portal you are able to save your messages.