E-mail Delivery and Anti-Spam

Last Updated: 09/06/2016


OIT servers regularly process more than 10 million incoming email messages per day.  Using an extensive filtering solution, OIT is able to catch the more than 75% of these incoming messages that are categorized as spam.


  • OIT's email filtering solution is able to determine the level of likelihood that an incoming message is spam.
  • Messages with a mid-range spam filter score are flagged as "POTENTIAL SPAM" in the subject line of the message, which allows you to set up a filter to keep these messages from ending up in your inbox.
  • Messages with a very high spam filter score are blocked entirely from reaching your inbox.

Who can get it

Anyone using an OIT email solution like Exchange and Google.

How to get it

Email spam filtering and protection is already part of OIT's email solutions.