Daniel Schaefer

Last Updated: 10/29/2012

Daniel is one of the Academic Technology Consultants supporting the College of Arts and Sciences. Daniel has worked for seven years as a teacher and consultant at CU, advising faculty, students and clients on teaching, technology and the creative process, from identifying the core problem to developing possible solutions to solve that problem. He has technical expertise in video game programming, web and mobile app development, and mobile augmented reality. He also moderates the CU Faculty Lounge, a free question-and-answer website for CU faculty located at https://lounge.colorado.edu.

Daniel is a doctoral candidate in the Communication Department studying the intersection of organizational communication and technology with attention to issues of collaboration. His dissertation explores how journalists make sense of crowdsourcing in social media. Daniel has a B.A. from Western Michigan University in Communication, an M.A. in Journalism and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Communication from CU.

Daniel has collaborated with faculty to spearhead proposals and secure funding for three major instructional initiatives. The first initiative, called the dLab, is a digital lab that teaches practical skills of digital reporting (from mobile journalism, live streaming and backpack journalism, to advanced research strategies in social media data) to students and faculty members at CU. The second initiative is a newly created journalism practicum called the CU News Corps for advanced journalism undergraduate and graduate students. This initiative, which combines investigative reporting with multimedia presentation, distributes students as a team for producing stories for Colorado media outlets. He is also working with an interdisciplinary team of CU faculty to create a certificate in social media that would help establish a research center for social media data here at CU.

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Daniel Schaefer