Web Workshop

Last Updated: 03/13/2014


Location: British Studies Room M549 - Norlin Library
Date: March 11, Tuesday

This is a past event; Web Workshop 2 coming October 2014

Four conversations about making and maintaining web sites, open to all levels of experience. We have invited experts across campus to talk about common problems and offer solutions based on case studies and demos.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We will have coffee, tea, and cookies for you. You can stay the whole time or just come for the talks that interest you. Please contact the organizers for special accommodations requests.

Sponsored by ASSETT, University Communications and OIT.

9:00 - 9:40 Official CU-Boulder Web Services

Eric's presentation (PDF)
Orrie's presentation (PDF)
Joanna's presentation (PDF)

Four service managers from University Communications and OIT will talk about the range of web services available to our faculty, staff, and students - where to find information about them, how they compare, who to contact for support and what is coming in the future.

  • Eric Galyon, OIT
  • Orrie Gartner, OIT
  • Rochelle Scott, OIT
  • Joanna Bertrand, University Communications
9:45 - 10:25 Accesibility and Universal Design

Accessibility presentation slides (PDF)
Accessibility presentation transcript (PDF)
Accessibility resources (PDF)

When Douglas developed a new site for the department of Applied Mathematics, he worked with Disability Services to test his site for accessibility errors. Erin knows about universal design problems from two perspectives - he is web developer, but also a user with low vision. Douglas and Erin will provide an overview of what it takes to make accessible sites, with demos of sites that they have worked on and the tools they use for testing.

  • Douglas Baldwin, Applied Mathematics
  • Erin Corson, University Communications
10:30 - 11:10 Engagement and Community Building

Engagement and community building presentation (PDF)

The ASSETT team has developed many Arts & Sciences’ department websites as well as several student centered applications. The web team will cover what are good design practices from a student-centered approach and showcase sites they have built. The web team will also take an in-depth look at Spotlight Around the College (SPARC), a unique take on building an online academic community for students and faculty.

  • Brenda Niave, ASSETT
  • Grant Matheny, ASSETT
  • Ryan Carney-Mogan, ASSETT
  • Amanda McAndrew, ASSETT
  • Stephanie Hayden, ASSETT
11:15 - 11:55 Sustainability and Lean Web

Dr. Mishra's presentation (PDF)

Shiv teaches a class on Sustainable Computing in the department of computer science. Karl runs Boulder's only eco-friendly lodge - and the lodge's web site runs on a 3 Watt micro server.

  • Shivakant Mishra, Computer Science
  • Karl Hanzel, EcoBBB