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OneDrive - Download files to your computer

Use this tutorial to download files from your OneDrive to your desktop or another storage location. For additional help, visit Microsofts's Files in OneDrive webpage.

Please note: This tutorial uses screenshots from a Mac, but the process is the same on Windows computers.

one column
two columns


Select the files or folders you'd like to download. 

Tip: To select multiple files or folders, hold down Command (on Mac) or Ctrl (on Windows) before clicking. 


Click Download in the toolbar. 

Please note: You can right click one of the selected files and select download


Your files will download according to your computer settings (usually to a downloads folder). Check your downloaded content to ensure everything has transferred successfully before deleting any files from your OneDrive.

Please note: If you select multiple files or a folder, OneDrive will automatically compress (or zip) the files to make downloading easier. Simply double click the zipped folder and the file will unzip and you can check its contents.