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Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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The following documentation steps through the process of installing and logging into Microsoft Office Mobile on Android. Microsoft Office Mobile allows users to create and edit Word and Excel documents, as well as edit PowerPoint presentations.

*Note: Other available Office 365 apps are listed below, and follow the same installation process.

Additional Microsoft applications:

Step 1

Install Office Mobile

Go to or search for Microsoft Office Mobile in the Play Store.

Step 2

Tap Install.

Step 3

Tap the Accept to agree to the app terms.

Step 4

The application will download and install. When completed tap Open to log into the application.

Step 5

Log into Office

Tap the Sign in button.

Step 6

Enter your in the email address field, then tap Next.

Step 7

Tap Work account if prompted to choose account type.

*Note: If you are using your account for a Microsoft personal account, you may have to tap Work or school account again.

Step 8

Enter your and IdentiKey password, then tap Sign in.

Step 9

Tap the next arrow icon in the bottom right corner to access your Office account screen.

Step 10

You will be logged into Office Mobile.