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File Storage - Connecting to a File Share - Windows 8 and 10

On Windows 8 and 10, you will map a drive to connect to either your group or individual storage space. Follow the instructions below. If you're off-campus or on UCB Guest, connect with CU Boulder's VPN first.

Note: This tutorial was made using a PC running Windows 10, however, the process is the same for Windows 8.

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Navigate to your Desktop and click the Libraries icon. 


 Select Computer or This PC. From the Computer tab select Map network drive


In the Folder text field, enter the server address that you received from OIT when your account was provisioned, or ask the group admin in your department for the address.

The address will be structured similar to: \\\sharename\

*Note: The 'server' and 'sharename' you need in order to connect are provided to you by OIT.


Select both Reconnect at Logon if you want the mapping to be persistent (remain after a restart) and Connect using different credentials. Click Finish.


A window will open to enter your credentials.

  • In the User name: text field enter ad\Identikey
  • In the Password: text field enter your Identikey password

Click OK.


The network drive will now appear as an additional drive that you can click to open.