Distance Learning Studios - Mediasite Player Navigation

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial will introduce you to the features in the lecture capture video player from Mediasite.

*Note: Aside from pause/play and volume adjustment, these features are unavailable with composite video (vodcast) downloads.

Step 1

Press the button in the bottom left to pause or play video. 

Step 2

Use the slider in the bottom middle of the window to adjust the volume of the presentation

Step 3

In the top right of each video display, click the display button to switch display preferences. These include making power point slides larger and the video smaller, or vice versa.

Step 4

Click the variable speed button labeled 1x to speed up or slow down playback.

Step 5

Click the Magnifying Glass icon to search within a lecture. 

Step 6

A window will pop up that will allow you to search the captions or for specific text within slides.