Antivirus Software

Last Updated: 12/26/2018


Antivirus software is one of the most important tools for safe-guarding your computer, vital information, and personal data from the onslaught of viruses and worms. Find the solution below that fits your needs and specifications.

OIT recommends the following antivirus solutions for CU Boulder faculty, staff, student staff, and students. All programs below are free of charge. These programs have been added to the VPN host checker system.

Computer Type Windows Vista, 7, & 8 Windows 10 MAC
University-owned computers System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows Windows Defender with System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows ESET Endpoint Protection for Mac
Personally-owned computers Microsoft Security Essentials Windows Defender Sophos Home Edition

The specifications for Windows Vista and Windows 7 correlate with licensing agreements with Microsoft.

Please Note: If your University-owned computer is managed by Dedicated Desktop Support, they will install System Endpoint Protection for Windows or ESET Endpoint Protection for Mac on your machine. If you have any questions, contact your DDS Technician. 

Malware Remediation and Detection Program (MRDP)

University-owned computers should be updated to System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows to ensure the system has the more current detection software. For those individuals installing System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows, OIT and the IT Security Office (ITSO) offer a program to help the campus collaborate in keeping our online network environment safe. The Malware Detection and Remediation Program (MDRP) allows Microsoft Forefront users on the Boulder campus to work in conjunction with the ITSO to report computers impacted by malicious attacks. This enables a faster response and remediation of harmful or malicious software (often called malware, spyware, viruses, etc.) and prevents it from spreading through our network. Learn more about the MRDP and install.


Antivirus protects you from malicious users gaining access to and running harmful software on your computer, compromising your system and sharing private information.

The MRDP allows the campus to collectively identify malware for faster response and remediation. Faster response to individuals impacted by malware improves the safety of our network by addressing the issue faster, before it spreads.


The antivirus solutions linked to from this site are provided at no-cost to you or your department.

Who can get it

CU Boulder faculty, staff and students.

How to get it

Visit the Antivirus - Help section to find download and installation instructions.