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Mnova (Mestre Nova) is a cutting edge NMR data processing and presentation package, with extra features like spectral estimation (NMR prediction) built in. The style is user friendly, and Mnova supports all the common NMR data formats.

OS: MacOS Windows Linux
Affiliation: Faculty Staff Students


Mnova is a site license, there is no fee to all departments, faculty, staff, and students at CU Boulder, including personal computers.

How to get it

Download the Mnova installer and license file. Also on the download site are instructions and manuals (PDF). The initial licensing process requires that the computer be connected to the campus network, either directly or using VPN. Afterwards, the computer only needs to check in with the campus license server periodically, to keep the license active.


Instructions and a .pdf user manual for Mnova are posted on the download site; additional information is on the Mestrelab Research website.