Site Licenses - NVivo

Last Updated: 08/25/2020


NVivo Qualitative Analysis software is available for both Windows and for Mac OS X. 


Nvivo is available to purchase as an annual subscription at the following schedule. All licenses expire August 31 of each year.

  • September 1 – August 31: $150
  • March 1 – August 31: $110
  • June 1 – August 31: $50

Purchases made within 30 days of the expiration date will be at the full annual price and will be extended to the following year’s expiration.

Who can get it

NVivo licenses (via our site license) are available to faculty and staff on all the University of Colorado campuses; Boulder, Anschutz, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Students may get special rates by purchasing directly from the QSR website.

How to get it

Allow up to 2 business days to receive the license information once you've made the purchase.

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