Site Licenses - LabVIEW

Last Updated: 09/07/2017


LabVIEW is a software product from National Instruments,used to interface with input signals from instrumentation, to record and display and analyze signal data, and design and build measurement/control systems.


2017-2018 fee schedule:

Unlimited departmental licenses are available for all computers of (Boulder) Engineering departments, JILA, LASP, and CIRES. For computers in other departments, LabVIEW licenses for the September 2017 - August 2018 license period are available on an individual basis for a $150 fee.

Who can get it

LabVIEW licensing is available for all university-owned computers (CU Boulder only). Educators and researchers may also install software on their PCs for curriculum preparation and research purposes. Contact Site Licensing for more information or for installation media.

How to get it

Send the following information to

  • SpeedType (8-digit departmental account code) to which license fee can be charged, unless paying by check
  • Computer and contact information

Training and Resources

NI (National Instruments) provides free online training courses. Create a new NI User Profile, using your email address, at NI also provides online tutorial videos for quick instruction by example.