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Microsoft Bookings - Accessibility

Service Overview

Microsoft Bookings provides a faster alternative to time-consuming and repetitive scheduling tasks, all while optimizing your organizational resources. Customize appointment details, booking requirements, and specify service providers to streamline the booking experience. Integration with staff’s Microsoft 365 calendar helps to quickly find available time to avoid double-booking, and an easy to navigate webpage lets your customers find and book appointments around the clock. Bookings helps you spend less time scheduling and more time meeting with customers.

Microsoft Bookings is a web application. There is also a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Bookings Accessibility Status

Overall, the Microsoft Bookings platform is reasonably accessible; the platform is navigable and a user can interact with most components in order to successfully book an appointment. Microsoft Bookings platform has two accessibility issues that may negatively impact a screen reader user’s experience: one severe (inaccessible) and one significant (cumbersome).

Statements on this page about the accessibility of the Microsoft Bookings application are based on accessibility testing done in September of 2020 and may no longer represent the current status of the software.

Information for Assistive Technology Users

There is one severe issue with the JAWS screen reader, where using the “Select Staff” picker is inconsistent and cumbersome. Where upon engagement with the picker, a JAWS user may have difficulty determining how to select a value other than the default value.

The significant issue relates to the “more information” dialog for an event, where the “OK” button of the dialog is not consistently reachable with all screen reader navigation modes. In order to locate and activate the “OK” button in the “More Information” dialog, a user must be in focus or forms mode with the screen reader.

Information from the vendor on keyboard shortcuts and other assistive technology for Bookings is not currently available. OIT has reached out to the vendor to determine if any information is forthcoming. 


There are no known alternatives for this service at this time.

Vendor Accessibility Documentation

Get Help or Provide Feedback

OIT has partnered with Disability Services to help with accessibility issues related to OIT supported services and we want to hear from you about this service. If you need assistance using this service or you have more information about the accessibility of this service that we should share with others, please contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or