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Computer in front of a calendar showing month of May 2024

Canvas Discussions and Announcement changes on May 10

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Canvas has announced they will be enforcing their Canvas discussions and announcements redesign for all customers on July 20, 2024. To minimize disruption for summer 2024 courses, the discussion and announcement redesign will be enforced at CU Boulder starting on May 10, 2024.

The redesigned discussions and announcement solutions in Canvas include an updated user interface, additional features, but maintains feature parity with the current discussions and announcement functionality. No migration steps are required; on May 10 all discussions will automatically transition to the redesigned interface and include the additional features. Instructors may choose to enable the discussion/announcement redesign on a course-by-course basis prior to May 10, and instructors are encouraged to explore the redesigned features in a sandbox course.

OIT's Academic Technology Consultants will be hosting Canvas Support office hours to assist instructors with questions or previewing the discussion redesign features in Canvas. Instructors can also schedule a consultation for one-on-one help if unable to attend office hours. 

For additional information for discussions and announcement redesign, please review the following information and resources:

Instructor resources

Student resources

Have additional questions or want additional support? Schedule a consultation with an Academic Technology Consultant or contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or