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Outlook on the web - Recovering Deleted Items

The following tutorial steps through the process of how to recover deleted items such as emails, contacts, tasks or events in Exchange Online using the Outlook on the web. Please keep in mind the retention policies that apply to deleted mail: 

Deleted Items folder:

Items remain in the Deleted Items folder for 30 days before being automatically removed.

Items removed from the Deleted Items folder:

Items that have been automatically removed from the Deleted Items folder are retained for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

one column
two columns


Log into Outlook on the web with your and IdentiKey password


On the left hand of the page in folder view, select the Deleted Items folder. 

*Note: You may need to expand your mailbox's folder view to display the full contents. Learn more in the View Folders tutorial. 


Right click on the item you want to recover from the Deleted Items folder and select Move to ... 

*Note: The options with Move change depending on the item. If an email, the selection will read Move to Inbox; a contact will read Move to Contacts, etc. 


If the item you'd like to recover has been recently removed from the Deleted Items folder, right click the Deleted Items folder in the menu and choose Recover deleted items. You may also click on the message at the top of the pane reading Retrieve messages that were recently deleted or emptied from this folder.


A pop-up will appear that allows you to search for and select items that have been previously deleted. After making your selections, click Recover.

*Note: You may need to allow pop-ups for this page in your browser to see the recovery window. 


A confirmation window will appear, click OK to recover your selected items. 


After confirming, the recovered items will be returned to the appropriate location (inbox, tasks, contacts, calendar, etc.) and will no longer appear in the Deleted Items folder. 


The other option in the recovery window, Purge, allows you to permanently remove items from your mailbox. Keep in mind that once purged, these items can not be recovered.