Hardware - Dell Contract

Last Updated: 06/20/2017


The Dell Premier contract includes a wide variety of options for desktops, laptops, monitors and peripherals, all of which are compliant with our campus hardware recommendations. The Dell products are backed by next-day service and replacement, include tiered options, all provided at exceptional savings. Learn more at the Procurement Service Center's How to Buy Dell Computers site.

By buying your department’s computers through the Dell Premier site, you receive the following:

  • the lowest possible pricing for Dell products
  • standardized computers that meet campus computing needs
  • next-day service and replacement
  • order tracking, including real-time order status

Please note that the Dell contract is a system-wide contract. Therefore the hardware options are based on the needs of all the campuses and not just the CU Boulder campus. More information about the university’s Dell contract is available on the Procurement Service Center website How to Buy Dell Computers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 through Dell marketplace

If purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you should ensure that it is ordered through the Dell contract. Through the CU system-wide contract Dell provides full support for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 purchases, while purchasing through other means does not provide the same level of support.