Classroom Capture

Last Updated: 06/07/2018


This technology automatically captures and stores audio and video from faculty lectures or special events. Captured recordings are available online for on-demand viewing through the end of the semester.

Instructors can request automated recordings of class lectures or special events in some large classrooms. These recordings post online, where students can stream them on-demand through the end of the semester and finals. (After finals, recordings from that semester are taken offline and archived.)

OIT uses Sonic Foundry's Mediasite solution to deliver this service.

The classrooms listed below have this technology available. If you are teaching in one of these facilities and would like your class recorded, please complete the Classroom Capture request form. A member of the Distance Learning Services will follow up with you to discuss your class or event.

Who can get it

Faculty teaching in one of the facilities equipped with Classroom Capture technology:

  • Atlas 100
  • Benson 180
  • Biotech A104
  • Biotech A108
  • Biotech A115
  • Chemistry 140
  • Chemistry 142
  • CU South 203
  • CU South 204
  • Duane G1B20
  • Duane G1B30
  • Duane G130
  • Engineering Center - ECCE 1B41
  • Engineering Center - ECCR 105
  • Engineering Center - ECCR 150
  • Engineering Center - ECCR 1B51
  • Engineering Center - ECCR 1B55
  • Engineering Center - ECCS 1B12
  • Engineering Center - ECCS 1B14
  • Engineering Center - ECCS 1B28
  • Engineering Center - ECEE 283
  • Fleming 155
  • Gold Biosciences A2B70
  • Hale 270
  • Humanities 1B50
  • Humanities 1B80
  • Humanities 1B90
  • Humanities 150
  • JILA Auditorium B111
  • Math 100
  • Muenzinger E050
  • Museum Collections W100
  • Ramaley C250
  • SEEC N124
  • Visual Arts Complex 1B20
  • Department Room

*Note: Students cannot request Classroom Capture.


I have found Classroom Capture to be wonderful addition, and I wish it was available for all my classes!

- Dr. Janet Casagrand

The team was  helpful, responsive and flexible. They worked hard to solve all of our issues to provide the best learning environment, and resources (capture), for our students.

- Dr. Kendi Davies

The students love lecture capture and it is a huge help to both them and my teaching assistants and myself to be able to have that record of the classroom material accessible all semester. It’s a tremendously powerful service.

- Dr. Linda R. Watkins


Service Expansion Pilot - Fiscal Year 2018-2019

The Service Expansion Pilot seeks to broaden the service parameters, allowing users to leverage the service to capture educational-based content not associated with a specific course code, but in support of the academic mission of CU Boulder.  

  • Classroom capture is intended to support a CU Boulder academic course or the educational mission of the university. This includes any courses that have a CU Boulder course number associated with it. This pilot expands beyond just courses and will fund classroom capture for educational-based content that supports the academic and teaching mission of the campus.
  • The pilot will not fund external entities or auxiliaries (i.e. CU Boulder Conference Services); instead the $100 per hour charge will be assessed.

Please submit the classroom capture request form, and a representative from OIT will contact you regarding any costs associated with your request(s).

Note: You may be asked to provide a Speedtype to OIT as part of your request.

Service Cost Features
Automated, Pre-scheduled lecture capture for educational-based content Free Includes hosting the content for one semester.
Automated, Pre-scheduled recordings for non-educational-based content $100/hour Includes hosting the content for one semester and access to download and export recordings. 
Additional Coordination $45/hour Includes coordination, set-up, other unique circumstances. 
Content export $45/hour Applies to requests for previously-recorded content. 

How to get it

Complete the Classroom Capture request form.

How to get Support

Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from any campus phone) or at

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