Student Printing and Scanning - FAQ

Last Updated: 06/29/2017

General FAQ

Where and how do I report printing problems?

If you need help, have questions, problems, or concerns call the IT Service Center.

Can I submit a print job from the wireless network?

Yes. Using remote printing or mobile printing, you can queue a print job to any SPS managed printer and release station from the wireless network.

Can I use my own paper, laminates, transparencies, cardstock, legal size, or resume paper and not be charged?

No. The paper trays, including manual feed, are not available to the customer.

Help! I am at an SPS printer, but I do not see my print job. Where is my print job?

If you printed from a computer lab, your print jobs are linked to you, so swiping your own Buff OneCard is the only way to display your print job.

If you specifically chose to print to a Campus Cash Card print queue, either from a computer lab or your personal device, you entered a Buff OneCard number or Campus Cash Card number before sending your print job.  At the release station, make sure you're swiping the card whose number you entered, or your print job will not be found.

I am trying to print a non-English document, why won't it print correctly?

Try printing from a computer with an English version of the operating system you are using. There are non-English language versions of most operating systems. Many of these use character sets that are not supported by the English language versions of software available on campus, and\or use fonts that are not supported by the SPS system. If the document is a PDF, try using the print as image function.

Why doesn't my file print, or print correctly, when I try to print from a website?

If you are having trouble getting a document on a website to print, you can try one of the following methods:

  • Download the document to the local desktop and then print.
  • If the document is a PDF, try using the print as image function.
  • When sending the job, make sure that the paper size the job is requesting is supported by the printer model you are sending it to. All available SPS printers will support letter size paper. All Multifunction devices support letter, legal and tabloid sizes. More information about specific printer capabilities is available on the SPS web site.
Why is my PDF file having issues printing?

Many of the PDF documents that are problematic were created using older versions of the Adobe Acrobat program. Acrobat Reader, which is the default application for opening these documents, doesn’t always work well with older PDF’s. If you are having trouble getting a PDF to print, you can try one of the following methods:

  • Try using the print as image function.
  • Use a workstation that has a full version of Adobe Acrobat  (Adobe Acrobat Pro )vs. the Adobe Reader program.
  • Convert the PDF document to the current format using the most recent version of  Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Download the document to the local desktop and then print.
  • Convert the PDF document to a Microsoft Word document.

Print charges and refunds

How much does it cost per page?
  • B&W: First side of print $.10/second side of same sheet $0.09
  • Color: $0.50/page
How does a user pay for and release a print job?

Users swipe a Buff OneCard at the Print Release Station (PRS) or enter their Campus Cash Card number when prompted. They can then select the job they want to print from the queue and the cost of the job will be displayed. That amount is charged against their quota or balance when the job is printed.

What is the process for re-charging the card?

Students, faculty, and staff can add value to their accounts at the Campus Card Office or by visiting the Online Card Office.

I lost my Buff OneCard is there a way to stop access on that card so others can’t use it?

Yes, the cardholder should contact the Campus Card Office immediately through the On-Line Card Office or by calling 303-492-1212. Using either method will suspend your accounts and card until you visit the Campus Card Office in person to re-activate your suspended card.

Are there localized stations for re-charging the Buff OneCard?

Yes at the Campus Card Office or Online Card Office. Making deposits by credit card is available 24/7 via the web’s Online Card Office.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Campus Card Office will accept cash, major credit cards, ACARDs, and IN’s. Visitors to the web site can use a major credit card.

How long does it take before you can use the funds on your account after recharging?

Immediately when made by the web or at the Campus Card Office. Deposits are posted to your account in real-time using any of these methods.

If the Print Release Station malfunctions, how do I pay for and release a print job?

The PRS is required to release a job. If it is out of service, OIT will dispatch a technician promptly. If the facility has multiple PRS’s, the job can be paid for and released at one of these other stations.

If double sided print option is used, will it be charged as one page or two?

Printing both sides counts as two pages, however the 2nd page is discounted. The rates are as follows:

  • B&W: First side of print $.10, and the second side of the same sheet is  $0.09.

This is to encourage customers to save paper whenever possible.

Is there a bulk rate if more pages are paid for in advance?

No. The same rate is charged regardless of whether they are paid in advance or the number of pages printed.

If a print job is submitted, can it be deleted from the queue without charge?

Yes, by the job owner. If the job is abandoned, it will be cleared from the queue after a predefined period of time with no charge assessed.

Can I defer payment if I forgot my Buff OneCard or have insufficient funds?

No, you must have a credit balance in your quota or in your Campus Cash Account on the Buff OneCard system.

Are students charged for prints required for class?


My job didn’t print, or did not print correctly. Can I go to get a refund?

In order to request the printer refund request form with the applicable information, including printer location, date/time of issue, and amount requested.