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UCB Wireless Quality Reporter


The UCB Wireless Quality Reporter allows CU Boulder Students, Faculty, and Staff to voluntarily report Wi-Fi quality of UCB Wireless network on campus on a 3-point scale (good, medium, bad). The WPRA gathers technical data about the user’s device, network connection, and the user’s opinion of network performance before sending to OIT. Once analyzed, these details provide OIT’s Engineering team with insight into concerns and locations of Wi-Fi performance across the Boulder campus.

Who can get it

Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to download the app. It’s free to download and use. 

How to get it

Please note: The app will not function on Android unless location permission is enabled for the UCB Wireless Quality Reporter.

Using the App 

  • While connected to UCB Wireless, open the app and select the rating most accurate of your current Wi-Fi performance. 
  • The time, your location, and other details of your device and the Wi-Fi signal will be submitted to OIT.
  • Questions about using the app? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Visit the UCB Wireless Help page for more information and troubleshooting help. To report Wi-Fi issues on campus, fill out the Network Connectivity Troubleshooting form, or contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or for additional assistance.