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Power BI


Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization tool that allows users to connect multiple types of data sources to create reports that can be exported and shared with other users. Power BI is backed by Office 365 advanced security and compliance capabilities.  

Use Power BI to:

  • Connect to 70+ data sources
  • Export reports to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and CSV
  • Share Power BI reports in Power BI or Microsoft Teams (Please note: due to licensing this feature is only available to faculty and staff)

Who can get it

All CU Boulder Students are able to access and use the Microsoft Power BI free version.

All CU Boulder Faculty and Staff with Office 365 accounts are able to access and use the Microsoft Power BI Pro version.

Please note: The Power BI Free license version has some limitations compared to Power BI Pro. Learn more about the differences in features. A free user license for the Power BI service is perfect for someone exploring or using it for personal data analysis and visualizations using My workspace. A free standalone user cannot use Power BI to collaborate with colleagues within the Power BI app, although they can share a visualization as PDF or PowerPoint slide.

How to get it

Access Power BI by logging into Office 365 and finding the app in the app launcher, or directly login to Power BI with your Office 365 credentials ( and password).

Power BI can also be used with the free Power BI Desktop application. Download for free from Microsoft.

If you require the features of Power BI Pro, visit OIT’s OnTheHub Software Ordering page for more information and instructions.

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