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Email List Manager


Email List Manager is a list software powered by Sympa that allows users to subscribe and share messages with other subscribers. The list is managed by specific list owners and can be managed via email commands sent to or through the Email List Manager web interface .

Managing Lists

Email List Manager allows for users to easily manage lists in two ways:



  • Ability to create lists to a wide variety of topics or discussion groups
  • Owner managed (owner affiliated with CU Boulder)
  • Many configuration options available for lists
  • List can be managed via email commands or the Email List Manager web interface
  • Up to 1000 subscribers to a list
  • Subscribers can manage their subscription settings

The table below compares Email List Manager, Google Groups and Exchange Distribution Lists features.

Feature Email List Manager Google Groups Distribution Lists
Mailing List Yes Yes Yes
Active Directory Access Control No No Yes
Owner/manager can subscribe or unsubscribe users Yes Yes Yes
User can subscribe/unsubscribe Yes Optional No
Moderated Optional Optional No
Daily digest capability Optional Yes No
Subscribing to list restricted to users with IdentiKeys No No Yes

Who can get it

All CU Boulder affiliates may request and own a list.

While owning a list is restricted to those with an Identikey, subscriptions to lists are open to anyone, including those not on the CU Boulder campus. Lists may be more restricted depending on the owner's list settings.

How to get it

Please note: Access to the Email List Manager website requires using CU Boulder's VPN.



Email List Manager is provided at no cost to the CU Boulder campus.

Help Information

Use the following resources to learn more about using Email List Manager: