Breadcrumb TourArchived: OIT Service Spotlight: Cloud Broker

Last Updated: 12/18/2020

Public Cloud Broker provides access to centrally managed cloud services for administrative, teaching & learning, and research needs. This includes new and existing applications, big data workloads, and other workloads well suited to the major public cloud services. Public Cloud Broker offers several features and improves the speed of delivery, service levels, and access to data amongst other things. 

This spring, the Cloud Broker team supported teaching and learning by providing services that made it possible for a class in LEEDS to use Amazon Web Services as well as the EMR service offering to be leveraged by students. Students were given a real-world environment to work in that goes well beyond what they would typically be able to access. Below are a few student reflections about their experience:

“During our final project, the Leeds cluster really helped develop a fleshed-out product. Typically, in a professional setting, a programming environment is already established for developers to work within. During our project, I attempted to develop our own EMR cluster to operate our code in. We were able to run the script locally without any issues, but the process of setting up our own environment proved to be too challenging and outside the scope of the class, especially with all our required packages and modules.” 

With the Leeds cluster environment available, we were able to horizontally scale our code and deploy it on an EMR cluster with S3 data. Having the environment available allowed us to focus on the program and analysis of our data and not stay hung up on the environment development process.” 

Faculty and Staff can request AWS account setup or a Public Cloud Consultation by booking an appointment using the OIT Public Cloud Broker Consulting calendar. For more information, visit the Public Cloud Broker service page.