Breadcrumb TourArchived: Easing Faculty Workload with New Canvas Solution

Last Updated: 03/18/2019

Submitting final grades to the Registrar can be a tedious process for instructors. Before submitting them to the system, a number of steps have to be taken and mistakes can easily occur. This process can be quite frustrating, especially at such a busy time of year.

When the campus was evaluating new Learning Management Systems, one of the top faculty requests was to have a system that provided them with an easier way to submit their final grades. Once Canvas was chosen, creating a solution that would sync students’ final grades in Canvas to the Registrar’s web grading system was a top priority.

In collaboration with University Information Systems (UIS), the Registrar’s Office, Continuing Education, and the Academic Technology Advisory Group (ATAG), the Office of Information Technology developed a tool that allows instructors to sync their students’ final grades in Canvas to the Registrar’s web grading system. This easy-to-use solution, also known as the Web Grading Sync tool, saves faculty time while also protecting students’ data.

“When I was an Academic Technology Consultant, I often heard from faculty who were frustrated with the process of uploading grades from D2L to the web grading system. I am proud that we were able to leverage Canvas’s open-core architecture to build a tool that simplifies the faculty grading experience, ” said Aisha Jackson, Associate Director of the Academic Technology Applications Program.    

Utilization on other campuses

After demoing the Web Grading Sync tool with colleagues on other CU campuses, they requested the code so they can also benefit from this collaborative effort.

The people that made it happen

As with many great successes, it takes a village. A tremendous thank you to those that made this happen! Congratulations to the following team members:  Registrar’s Office: Sally Page, Reid Kallman, Joey LaConte and Becky Jones. From Continuing Education: Sue Crowley. ATAG: Lew Harvey, Caroline Sinkinson, Michaele Ferguson, Jennifer Lewon, Jennifer Klein, Seth Hornstein, Rick Stevens, Jelliffe Jackson, Don Oest, Mark Werner, Kevin Schaub, and Andrew P. Young. From UIS: Amar Tekriwal, Soumya Suresh, Lindsey Apodaca, and Al Wirtes. From OIT: James Ashby, Bryan Melville, Joseph Sarmiento, John Callaway, Jason Black, Steve Wolf, Jim Fudge, Diane Giangrossi, Danielle Rourke, Nodin de Saillan, Marcus Williams, Viktoriya Oliynyk, and Aisha Jackson.

See out how the tool works on OIT's YouTube channel or check out our step-by-step tutorial.

Want to learn more about Canvas?

OIT’s Learning Technology Consultants offer a number of training sessions throughout the year and provide departmental training upon request.

There is also a list of helpful resources on the OIT website including support guides, new features, and more.