IT Security Awareness Ecard: Physical Security

Last Updated: 04/03/2017

Stranger Danger

Albert, running a little late for work, bumped into a repairman in the lobby on his way up to his office. It seemed he was in a hurry as well and, being a gentleman, Albert held the door open while the repairman collected his tools and headed upstairs.

However, as Albert and the rest of campus would soon find out, it takes more than a toolbelt and a hardhat to make a repairman. Confidential information began to leak, slowly at first, but with some help from unshredded documents found in a trash can and a brief visit to sensitive data areas, the "repairman" was actually an intruder and had turned data security into Swiss cheese. Soon everything from passwords and credit card numbers to top-secret CU research experiments were everywhere on the web.

Don’t be like Albert. Always make sure that visitors have an ID badge and that valuable information is locked away from snooping eyes. Those few extra minutes could be the only thing keeping your information out of the wrong hands.

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