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PGP Encryption Software for Windows

Storage of student grades and other educational records is accompanied by greater protection responsibility. Encryption is a data security best-practice and required by university APS for protection of private data. CU offers whole-disk encryption with PGP to protect student records at rest on a portable device such as a laptop.

OS: Windows
Affiliation: Faculty Staff


PGP Whole Disk Encryption Software for Windows is provided as a common-good to CU Boulder faculty, staff, and student employees, which means there is no direct cost to you or your department.

How to get it

Visit Windows Whole Disk encryption to download the software and get installation instructions.

If there is a business need to store other types of private data mentioned in the APS (Social Security numbers, healthcare records, etc.), please contact the Office of Information Security (OIS) for guidance on how to properly secure that data according to minimum security standards.

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