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Wired Internet - Macintosh OS 10.x Configuration

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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  • Instructions are for Mac OS 10.5, but are similar for older versions of Mac OS X.
  • If you need to make any configuration adjustments described below, you will need to have admin privileges on your computer.
This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

Step 1

Start by opening the System Preferences by clicking on it in the dock or choosing it from the Apple menu.

Step 2

Next, select the Network, as shown below:

Step 3

Make sure the Location drop-down menu is set to Automatic and you have selected Ethernet in the left panel.

Step 4

Make sure the lock in the lower left corner is set to unlock. If not, click on the lock and you will be prompted.

Step 5

From the Configure: drop-down menu select Using DHCP.

Step 6

If you made any of the changes above, click on the Apply button . Your new settings will take effect.

Step 7

Close the Network window.

Step 8

Open a web browser to test your connection. In some instances, you may be asked to register your computer onto CU-Boulder's network. If you register your computer, you should clear your web browser's cache after registration.

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