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Uninstall CA eTrust (CUantivirus) on Windows

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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If you have OIT's previous antivirus software, CA eTrust, installed on your system, you need to uninstall it.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

The instructions below explain how to uninstall using Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows XP is similar.

Step 1

Click on the Start menu, and select Control Panel.

Step 2

Locate Programs and click Uninstall a program.

Step 3

In the window that opens, select CA eTrustITM Agent and click Uninstall.

Step 4

You may be asked if you are sure, click Yes.

Step 5

User Account Control will prompt you. Click Allow.

Step 6

Follow any additional on screen instructions and then you will be prompted to restart your computer, which you should do.

Step 7

Once your computer is restarted, perform steps one and two again to make sure you got everything. If you see another eTrust program, select it and click Uninstall. Perform this until you don't see any more programs related to CA eTrust.

IMPORTANT: When CA eTrust has been removed, it's important that you disable your network connectivity. Your system is vulnerable without antivirus software. Enable your network when you have finished installing Forefront Client Security.

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