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Last Updated: 02/22/2016
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The following tutorial shows the process of downloading Origin version 9.1 (2013). These instructions work if you already have an OriginLab account (from installing a previous version of Origin, like Version 8.6). Newer versions may install differently. You may uninstall any previous version of Origin manually. 

If you have any trouble with installation, visit OriginLab's Help Center for troubleshooting and support. 

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

If you already have an OriginLab account (from installing a previous version of Origin) you can log in and download version 9.1 from there. 

Note: Otherwise if you have not already installed an earlier version, click on Create an account. When extraction is complete, open the new OriginINSTALL folder and run the install or setup program. 

Step 2

Next, you will need to download the EXE file, then click Save File. 

Step 3

Now you will need to run the installer Origin91SR0Setup. 

The next screen to pop up will be the Origin Setup window. Click Next

Step 4

After you click Next, the License Agreement screen will appear. Click Yes

Step 5

Choose the radio button that says Install Product (requires serial number). Use the serial number posted on the OIT SL website. 

Step 6

On the Customer Information screen, you will need to enter your User Name, Company Name, and Serial Number

The Company Name is University of Colorado Boulder. The Serial Number is available on the OIT Site Licenses website. 

Step 7

Next, you will need to run Origin *As Administrator* in order to license. 

Once you check the Yes box, click Next

Step 8

The suggested directory that pops up in the Destination Directory screen is the correct one; don't change it unless you know what you are doing. 

Then click Next

Step 9

Click Yes on the pop up screen that says Do you want Setup to create it? 

It will take approximately a minute or two to install. 


Step 10

Check the Launch Origin now box if you are ready with the new Access Code, which is provided (with the Serial Number) on OIT's Origin web page. 

Then click Finish

After you click Finish, the User Files Folder screen will pop up. Click Ok

Step 11

If you installed Origin earlier, and are now licensing as a separate step, run Origin As Administrator, otherwise the license info won't "take".

Note: The screenshot on the left hand side is for Windows 8 and the screenshot on the right hand side is for Windows 7

Step 12

Select the radio button that says Get license file online now - assuming that you have a web browser running, and the Access code at hand. 

Then click Ok

Step 13

Download the Origin serial number and access code from the site linked to OIT's Origin web page. 

The computer name and ID are intrinsic to your computer. 

Once you have entered the appropriate information, click Ok

Step 14

Clicking Ok opens up a web page on the OriginLab site, where your license will be generated based on your computer name and ID.

If the web browser covers up the Origin Enter License window. move the browser aside enough so that you can see both. 

In the web browser, type in the Access Code and your email, then click Submit

Step 15

Next, the webiste will display the text of the license file generated just for your computer. 

Copy the text and paste it into the Origin window that says Enter License. Then click Ok

After clicking Ok, your license file will be successfully updated. 

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