Office 365 - Setup OneDrive for Business as sync folder in Windows

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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The following instructions demonstrate the process of setting up OneDrive for Business as a traditional file folder in Windows.

Download: If you do not have Office 2013 installed on your computer (OneDrive is included in the software package), you can download the OneDrive for Business application from Microsoft's OneDrive download page .

Step 1

Open a web browser and go to the Office 365 portal page ( ).

Step 2

Log in using your and IdentiKey password credentials.

Step 3

Select OneDrive, located in the Apps menu on the top left of the navigation bar.

Step 4

Click sync.

Step 5

In the pop-up that appears, click Sync Now.

*Note: Your browser may ask for permission to launch an external application. Click the option that gives permission to launch the application.

Step 6

Enter your into account field, then click Next.

Step 7

Click the Work Account option from the available type of accounts.

Step 8

On the Sign in window that appears, enter your Identikey password in the Password field, then click the Sign in button.

Step 9

In the Ready to sync window, click the Sync now button.

Step 10

Once the sync completes, click the Show my files... button.

Step 11

Your OneDrive folder will now be connected. You will now be able upload, download and work with your OneDrive files from your desktop.