Office 365 - Set up Skype for Business on Android

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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Refer to the following instructions when initially setting up Skype for Business on an Android. Download and install the Skype for business from the Google Play store.

Step 1

Open Skype for Business and Tap the arrow when prompted. Tap OK on the introduction page to begin signing in.

Step 2

In the Organization sign-in address field, enter your and tap the arrow. 

*Note: You may get an error after entering your CU Login name. To continue signing in, select OK.


Step 3

In the Password field, enter your Identikey password, then tap the Sign In button. You can decide here whether you want the app to remember your password going forward.

Step 4

Enter your phone number and tap the arrow when finished.

Step 5

The Skype for Business homescreen will appear once you're successfully signed in