Office 365 - Connect to OneDrive via Microsoft Document Connection

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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The following instructions demonstrate how to connect to your OneDrive folder using the Microsoft Document Connection application. This will allow you to upload files, download files, and work on documents located in your OneDrive folder from your desktop.

Microsoft Document Connection is included in the Office 2011 suite of applications for Macintosh. Faculty and staff can download this software package from CU Boulder's Microsoft download center .

Step 1

Open Microsoft Document Connection located in the Microsoft Office 2011 folder within Applications.

Step 2

From the Document Connection menu, select Preferences.

Step 3

Check the Enable Basic authentication box, then close the Preferences window.

Step 4

Open the Add Location menu.

Step 5

Select the Connect to a SharePoint site... option.

Step 6

To find the proper URL to place in the Address, you need to open a web browser and go to the Office 365 portal page ( ).

Step 7

Log in using your and IdentiKey password credentials.

Step 8

On the Office 365 home page, click on the OneDrive button.

*Note: Your file folder can also be accessed by clicking the OneDrive link in the top navigation bar; however, the URL you are directed to may contain extra characters that will cause a sync fail. Please refer to the note in step 9 for more information.

Step 9

In the browser URL bar, copy the address up to /Documents (e.g.

*Important Note: Depending on how you navigated to your OneDrive, the URL you are directed to may add _layouts/15/start.aspx# in between /culoginname_colorado_edu and /Documents.

To sync your account you must delete _layouts/15/start.aspx# from the address, if present.

Step 10

Paste the copied address into the Addess bar in the Microsoft Document Connection window.

Step 11

When prompted enter your and IdentiKey password credentials.


Step 12

Your OneDrive folder will now be connected. You will now be able upload, download and work with your OneDrive files from your desktop.

*Note: If you receive an error message about not being able to connect, try to repaste the copied address from step 9.