Microsoft EES Agreement - Download Windows 10 from Azure Dev Tools

Last Updated: 04/19/2019
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


As part of the campus Microsoft EES site license, students can use apps that are part of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. This tutorial shows how to download the installer and license key for Windows 10 Education on workstations without a Windows license (e.g. Macs, running Windows in Bootcamp, or virtual environments).

Step 1

Go to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching homepage and click Sign In. Log in with your CU Login name and IdentiKey password.

Step 2

If prompted, agree to the offer terms, and click the Accept terms button.

Step 3

Click Software on the second sidebar on the right and search for Windows 10 Education in the search bar.

Step 4

Select Windows 10 Education (not Windows 10 Education N).

Step 5

Click View Key to generate your unique product key, and copy it. You will need it later when activating Windows.

Step 6

Click Download to download the Windows 10 ISO file needed to install Windows.

Step 7

Find the downloaded ISO file in your browser's Download folder. Install or copy it to a USB drive to install on a different computer.