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Kubi - Remote User Set Up

Use this tutorial to remotely attend class via Kubi. For in-person or local set up, use the  Local User Set Up tutorial

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Plug earbuds with a microphone into your computer.

*Please Note: If you do not use ear buds, you might not be able to hear as well or may experience feedback in Zoom.


Five minutes before class, click the link to the Zoom room you received (e.g.

*Please Note: If the on-campus user has not yet joined the session, you will only see yourself in the Zoom room until they join. Once the on-campus user joins Zoom, you will be able to connect to the Kubi.


Move your mouse to wake up the Zoom controls and click on the Connect Kubi button.

Note: You may need to toggle the Unpin/Pin Video and the Gallery View/Speaker View buttons at the top of the Zoom meeting for the Connect Kubi button to appear.


You’ll see a few notices pop up stating that the request has gone through and was automatically accepted.

*Please note: The on-campus user cannot see you until you select Connect Kubi.


Once your request to Connect Kubi goes through, you will see an arrow trackpad on the bottom right of your screen. Click the arrow trackpad or use your keyboard arrows to move the Kubi.