Integrating D2L Grades with PlayPosit Bulbs

Last Updated: 09/05/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial goes throught the process of adding PlayPosit bulbs to D2L courses. This allows instructors to create a link directly from the PlayPosit bulb within D2L Content to a unique D2L Grade Item, passing student scores from the bulb to the unique Grade Item. This resolves the issue of the “PlayPosit Interactive Video” Grade Item being overwritten when students complete additional bulbs.

For a video tutorial of this process, watch the PlayPosit CU D2L Walkthrough on YouTube.

Step 1

Log in to D2L and click Edit Course.

Step 2

Under Course Administration tools, click External Learning Tools.

Step 3

Create a unique External Learning Tool link. Copy the url from the pre-existing PlayPosit external learning tool. After copying, click the New Link button. 

Step 4

Give a unique name to the new url in Title (Recommendation: name should refer to the PlayPosit bulb you want to assign)

Paste url into URL field

Step 5

Under Security Settings, select Use tool provider security settings. Select Save and Close.

Step 6

The new external learning tool link will now be listed under Manage External Learning Tool Links.

Step 7

Return to Content and select a Module to place the new Content Item.

Step 8

Click on the Add Existing Activities drop-down, and select External Learning Tools.

Step 9

Choose the new External Learning Tool link you created earlier. 

Step 10

Return to the Content Module where you created the bulb link. Open the new Content item you created. A PlayPosit window will open.

Step 11

Select Get Started.

Step 12

Find the bulb you want to assign to the link, click on the bulb options (icon with three vertical blue dots)

Step 13

Select Set bulb link

Step 14

A pop up dialog box where you can select Self-paced from the drop down menu and then click Set.

Step 15

Students will now be able to view the bulb and play the video and complete the in-video quiz questions.

*Note: Instructors will not see a grade item created until at least one student completes the bulb.