Identity Manager - Adding E-mail Address Alternates

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.

How email alternates work and why you would set one up:

  • Email alternate addresses are for situations when you expect to receive messages to a specific CU Boulder mail server, even though you don't have an account there.
  • Registering an alternate email address will allow you to receive messages addressed that way. It doesn't mean you actually have an account on that server, it's only a routing rule that ensures your messages will be delivered.

Step 1

Go to Identity Manager and login with your IdentiKey.

Step 2

Click on Manage My Email Addresses.

Step 3

To register an alternate, use the Add an Email Address drop-down menus.

Step 4

First select the left-side part of the address. This is typically your CU Login Name and your firstname.lastname.

Step 5

Next, select the right side of the address. You can choose from any of the mail servers listed.

Step 6

Once selected, click Add.

Step 7

Your new alternate address will display in the Removable Email Alternate Addresses section.

Step 8

You can add as many alternate addresses as you like. To remove one, select it and click Remove.

Step 9

If this is the only change you plan on making, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. Then click OK to return to the main menu.