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Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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The following documentation shows the steps involved in installing Identity Finder onto your computer. This documentation demonstrates this process for computers using Windows 7.

Quick Start

Faculty and Staff Only

Download Identity Finder

  1. Go to the download page.
  2. Log in with your IdentiKey.
  3. Click on to download the installer.
  4. Log out.

For student download information please visit Student Help.

Step 1

Open your Identity Finder install file. When the setup window appears click Next.

Step 2

Read the User License Agreement and then click I accept the terms in the License Agreement and then click Next.

Step 3

Choose the type of installation you desire. If you choose Typical(the recommended option) go to step 5. If you choose Custom continue to step 4.

Step 4

If you chose Custom in step 3, you can pick which Windows Integration options you prefer:

  • Start Menu Shortcuts - adds ability to launch Identity Finder from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Desktop Shortcut - adds ability to launch Identity Finder from the Windows Desktop.
  • File Associations - associates Identity Finder results files (*.idf) and Identity Finder Vault files (*.idfvault) to Windows Explorer.
  • Explorer Integration - adds a shell extension to Windows Explorer so you can "Search with Identity Finder", "Shred with Identity Finder", and "Secure within Identity Finder Vault" from any Explorer file or folder.

When you have chosen your desired options click Next.

Step 5

Click Install and then wait for the files to install.

Step 6

Click Finish and Identity Finder will be installed.

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