Exchange – Windows Phone 7 Configuration

Last Updated: 08/15/2017
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


Windows 7 phone uses ActiveSync to interact with OIT's Exchange service. With Exchange configured, you will be able to view the account's various mailboxes, and create custom mailboxes.

Exchange Online Migration

Starting February 2015, campus units and departments began being migrated to Exchange Online, on an individual basis. If your department has been migrated, please visit the Exchange Online service area for more information.

Step 1

If this is the first account to be set up on your phone, tap Email Setup from the main screen and go to step 5.

If this is not your first account tap the right arrow as shown in the screenshot to the left and got to step 2.

Step 2

Tap Settings in the applications screen.

Step 3

Tap email & accounts.

Step 4

Tap add an account.

Step 5

Tap Outlook.

Step 6

Type in your email address under the field named the same, type in your Identikey password in the Password field, and then tap sign-in.

Step 7

The phone will most likely not understand the account information with just the email address and password so it will add two more fields, User name and domain. In the User name field type your CU login name, then in the domain field type ad, then tap sign in.

Step 8

Your account will now be setup and an icon for this account will appear on the main screen.