D2L - Viewing GradeMark Feedback (via Turnitin)

Last Updated: 08/10/2018
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


GradeMark is a commenting tool instructors may use when grading papers in Desire2Learn. The tool is offered through Turnitin, a plagiarism protection tool used with Dropbox submissions. The instructions below demonstrate how to view GradeMark feedback provided by your instructor.

*Note: If you know that your instructor is using GradeMark, yet you do not see the View Originality Report icon shown in step 3 below, ask them to Allow submitters to see Originality Reports.

Step 1

Log into your course and in the Assessments drop-down menu, select Dropbox.

Step 2

Click the number that appears in the Submissions column for the assignment you’d like to review.

Step 3

Click the Turnitin Similarity icon (displays a percentage and color as an indication of similarity index).

Step 4

Hover your mouse and click on Markups to view them in detail. You can toggle between Instructor Feedback and your Match Overview using the navigation tabs on the right-hand side.

Step 5

If you would like to print or save your submission with the feedback, click the Download button on the bottom right of the viewer. A new window will appear with three options.

  • Current View will begin a download of the file with comments intact
  • Originally Submitted File will begin a download of the file without any markup.

Open the downloaded file in a PDF compatible program. Select Print... from the File menu.

Step 6

Close your window/tab when finished.